What is behind Stephen “Suleyman” Schwartz’s hateful rants?

What is behind Stephen “Suleyman” Schwartz’s hateful rants?

Indigo Jo, the latest person to be threatened with legal action by Stephen Schwartz, has written a piece analysing Stephen Schwartz’s vitriol and hateful spewing. There are many interesting and telling things in this piece and one such is:

Schwartz had a poem published in The Muslim Magazine entitled The Ballad of Imam Shamil, intended to be sung to the tune of Pretty Boy Floyd by Woody Guthrie, praising the Muslim jihadist who fought the Russians, at a time when Chechens were doing the same [Indigo Jo Blogs]”

considering that “jihad” is now a dirty word especially amongst some of Schwartz’s buddies. Is it safe to now assume and accuse that Schwartz himself is a closet jihadist and a supporter of “Islamo-fascism”, and is into a “death cult” and has “re-invented” himself blah blah blah….

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