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There is no deen in English?

At a recent Friday prayer I  heard a khateeb make these two points in the Urdu bayan (sermon) before the khutba…

  1. There is no deen [Islam] in English, only Arabic and Urdu
  2. We don’t know who writes the books in English

Any UK imam who thinks that parents must teach their kids Punjabi or Urdu in order for them to learn the religion has totally misunderstood the time and place in which he lives. It must asked of Continue reading There is no deen in English?

Christian Britain?

Is Christianity compatible with Britain? Can you be Christian and British? Are the questions we should be asking after Tim Farron’s resignation as the leader of the Liberal Democrats. After years of being browbeaten and hounded by the both secular liberal left and right, Muslims in Britain are the only ones who have their Britishness questioned for holding firm to principles that are shared by other faith communities. I agree with Farron when he says we should not force our positions and opinions on others and we don’t begrudge others rights that we enjoy.

I firmly believe that attacks on Islam and Muslims are as much to do with the hatred of the other as they are to do with hatred of religion in general. Looks like the liberal and tolerant society we live in no longer tolerates people of religion.

Muslims caught in the middle of the madness.

“Islamist”, “Islamism”, it doesn’t matter, average Joe public and bigots don’t care, they see it only as Islam. They are not informed enough to make the distinction and don’t care to either. Ordinary Muslims are stuck between the devilish dogs of the Khawariji Daesh and pig ignorant bigoted Muslim haters. You can reason with neither one of them. I am at a loss for what the rest of us can do to stem this tide of hatred and division that has been unleashed. It is a pernicious poison, it infects and spreads quietly through suspicion and innuendo and it is taking hold of ordinary people who before would normally have no issue with Islam and Muslims, and would generally be immune to the bullshit pumped out by the Muslim haters and their media. Just how much worse can it get for us in the West?

ISIS/Daesh are winning, they are fuelling hatred and alienation of Muslims and pushing western governments into compromising their democratic ideals.