Schwartz Attacks!

Schwartz Attacks!

Over on Indigo Jo’s Blog Stephen Schwartz threatens legal action (what else is new, he sent me an email a few years ago as well) against the blogger and calls him “illiterate and dishonest” and a “jahil mentor”. He accuses Indigo Jo of hiding behind his non de plume but anyone with half a braincell just needs to click on the link “About Me and My Blog” and it is stated quite clearly:

“This is the blog of Matthew Smith, also known as Yusuf, a convert to Islam who lives in New Malden, in south London or Surrey depending on your point of view.”

Wow great journalism, but I guess establishing true facts has never been part of Mr. Schwartz’s game.

He also has a few choice words reserved for Shaykh Hamza Yusuf (Hafidhullah) (now there’s a surprise) calling him “Handsome Hanson” (masha’Allah – Shaykh Hamza is beautiful both outwardly, inwardly and by word and deed,? he calls my good friend Aftab Malik “another munafiq” and yours truly is labled a “loudmouth slob”! SubhanAllah all this from a “professional” journalist. Poor bloke, we should all make dua for him.

Could I suggest that everyone who has a blog link up to the comments section on the specific post on Indigo Jo’s blog as it demonstrates quite clearly why people should not take Mr. Schwartz seriously, this should be communicated far and wide. No one needs to give a commentary on the words as the words and tone speak for themselves.

I’m filing this post under “Scams, Hoaxes and Misinfo” which, if you read any of Schwartz’s pieces, you’ll realise it is all misinfo.

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