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BOOK: NASIM AL-WASL: The Zephyr of Being There

A new book containing some 300 qasidahs (spiritual odes/poetry) has been released. This is a must have for qasidah lovers everywhere

NASIM AL-WASL: The Zephyr of Being There

Qasida Manual & Audio Library

An exquisitely designed anthology of near 300 spiritual qasidas or odes, this work connects you to a vibrant tradition spanning over a thousand years. Penned by some of the greatest mystics of Islam, like Abu Madyan and Ahmad al-‘Alawi, the poems articulate the spiritual experiences of hearts that have been polished and enlightened by the remembrance of God.

Easy to hold in the palm of your hand, the book comes with a FREE 18-month subscription to an online audio library, home to over 25 hours of recordings and 800 individual tracks—ready now, for you to learn and enjoy the odes sung in Levantine public circles of remembrance.

For more information or to buy your copy, visit


Book Review: Khasa’is al-Nabi wa Ummatihi translated as “The Unique Qualities of the Prophet and His Community”

To know him is to love him.

Those who have studied the Seerah and related material like The Shifa of Qadi Iyad or the Shama’il of Tirmidhi or even those who have only sung songs and heard sermons in praise of the Prophet Muhammad (Allah bless him and grant him peace) cannot fail but to develop a deep and yearning love for the Prophet of Islam. It is a love quite unlike any other love. Indescribable and visceral. Our connection with Islam is only through his noble personality and character, and the more you read and come to know him, the more your love and yearing increases. Continue reading Book Review: Khasa’is al-Nabi wa Ummatihi translated as “The Unique Qualities of the Prophet and His Community”

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