All quiet on the Western Front.

All quiet on the Western Front.

as-salamu ‘alaykum,

After the furor over my mosque posts things have settled down. I got a phone call the other day from someone who is an acquaintance and someone prominent in the community telling me that he was surprised at the stuff that I had written. Upon asking him what he found incorrect and wrong and had he read it, he said yes and then after a short pause said “you used the word ‘gunday'” I then asked him to read the sentence again. I also said that he knew as well as I did that there are a couple of people in each party who could be described as such. I also asked him to read my posts again.

It is a bit annoying that people focus on the relatively irrelevant bits of my posts and miss the main body of my writing! Having said that most people who can read and have some semblance of intelligence agree with everything I have written, I only wish people now speak up and voice their concerns.



2 thoughts on “All quiet on the Western Front.

  1. Asalamu Alaikum

    Seems that this is a global problem, it affects mosques here in SA too, although we dont generally allow ruffians, we too have the mud slinging.

  2. Despite the efforts of the majority party and its ‘rukn’ we see that again in Aylesbury a Mosque committee has been formed on ‘caste’ grounds. This can surely not achieve as much as a diverse and equal committee could have. We see that those who have preached for ‘brotherhood and tolerence’ have in fact proved they are totally alien to these basic Islamic principles and only paid lip service to them.
    No effort was made to form a joint committee that is inclusive of Muslims from ALL backgrounds, and nominations were made solely on the basis of ‘qawmiyat’.
    When our children face discrimination in almost every field of their lives, when our daughters are forced to remove hijab in school, I would not have a problem if it is a raja, jatt or pathan who deals with the issues to fight for our rights. It seems this is just another field that our children must get used to where they will face discrimination and inequality, the House of Allah.
    May Allah grant the best amongst us the opportunity to provide the best service in his way. Ameen.

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