Mosque and Community part 2

Mosque and Community part 2

as-salamu ‘alaykum,

Just to clear up some confusion for the intellectually challenged regarding my mosque posts, the points I am making are not against anyone or any group in particular they are aimed at EVERYBODY.

1. kauwm and race do not take precedence over deen

2. management of the masajid by those not equipped to run it needs to stop and those who have the requisite skills need to be given a chance and brought forward. There needs to be a recognition that these people are needed.

3. there should be transparency in all aspects of mosque affairs especially finances since it is in this area that suspicions arise and rumours start. There should also be a recognition that the public have a right to ask searching and pertinent questions of those ELECTED as our representatives and to be kept informed of the affairs of the mosque.

4. Having molvis and imams who are out of touch with this society and our youth should not be employed and certainly importing imams from the subcontinent should be discouraged.

5. Women need to have a bigger input in the mosque affairs especially in the areas of education

6. That those who are called to form committees should at least be religiously inclined and not be involved in overtly haraam activities such as selling alcohol and other haraam products and should be as morally upright as they can, no one is perfect but at least they should be morally upright in their private life as well as their public one. If someone is representing the Muslim community they should reflect that in their conduct and behaviour.



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