Zeitgeist The Movie: Part III

Zeitgeist The Movie: Part III

How the Bankers Control the World

One of the guys at work (not Muslim) was going on about Zeitgeist The Movie so I watched it and it is very interesting. Most people know that I am not one for conspiracy theories but this film raises some very valid questions about the socio-political nature of the world. Part I of the film looks at the basis of the Judeo-Christian tradition and as a Muslim it would be difficult to agree with some of the film’s assumptions on the origins of the Judaism and Christianity. Part II looks at 9/11 and false flag operations.? Aside from the questions marks over 9/11, 7/7 and other terrorist events it raises, part three is directly relevant to the current economic crisis that we are facing. This film can be downloaded via BitTorrent as there is an official Torrent for it somewhere.

One thought on “Zeitgeist The Movie: Part III

  1. This documentary is quite good however I played the Addendum and the guys at Venus project believe if the monetary system was abolished one would be living in a UTOPIA. How? get rid of all the institutions that the society is based on, politics, monetary system, religion and anything else there maybe. Why because they are the root cause of all evil in society; greed, jealousy, ENVY ETC. They say there is evil in society because of scarcity of resources which is a created phenomenon, in reality there is enough of everything. And if technology allowed to reign supreme, it will solve all our problems, happy will we be. How nice.

    It reminds me Oliver Cromwell during the English Revolution he believed if one was to abolish the Kingdom and a Republic founded on ‘Pure Godly Laws’ will solve all its problems. However it was easy abolishing century old progressive institutions then setting up one to replace it that worked.

    These guys think if there is no monetary system, then we will not need prisons because the root cause will not exist = envy, scarcity. I forgot at the end of it all, its the old philosophy of Humans engineering is possible from 1960s, there is no human nature, only human behaviour. Its scary if one does not know there is a philosophy being advocated in these videos one can be eaten alive.

    Nonetheless the videos are quite useful in their deciphering ideologies.

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