The Dalail al-Khayrat Fund for Fes: Take Part!

The Dalail al-Khayrat Fund for Fes: Take Part!

Dalail al Khayrat books for Fes

as-salamu ‘alaykum,

A friend has set up a website in aid of a special request after a recent trip to Morocco. He is to supply the many blessed gatherings of Dalail al Khayrat in Fes (Morocco) with copies of a particular high quality, more durable version of this great book.

He was very fortunate enough to attend gatherings where the blessed Dalail al Khayrat is recited from cover to cover (taking around two and half hours each time), by the pious elderly and the pious young people of Fes. The Dalail al Khayrat is recited every Friday after ?Asr at the Maqaam and Masjid of the founder of Fes, Mouley Idris II, who is also one of the grandsons of the Prophet sallalaa hu ‘alaihi wasallam (with only a five generation gap between him and our Prophet, sallalaa hu ‘alaihi wasallam).

As you may already know Dalail al Khayrat is composed of Iyahs from the Quran and famous darood sharifs, such as the one we recite in our daily prayers. It is a tradition that has existed for centuries from the Morocco to Malaysia and beyond and is famous for the benefits it brings to those connected to it in this life and, more importantly, in the life to come, inshallah. All the info about the initiative is on the Dalail Fund website.

Please visit the Dalail Fund website and share in this blessed initiative. Insha’Allah you and anyone whose name in which you sponsor a book in will benefit every time it is used in the gatherings.

We have already gathered enough donations for almost half of the books needed and would like to offer this once in a life time opportunity to you. Please don’t let it escape you! Become part of this blessed tradition by investing in it and reap the rewards of it as it is practiced for decades and centuries to come, Insha’Allah.



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  1. SalamS. Wondering if you can assist me. I am trying to get hold of some commentry on the dalail by shiekh Ninowiy. It was just a small but very beautiful article and was published on the dalail fund website. Of course the site has been down for a while now so cant get to it. I have asked the shiekh for ijaza to use it for an article for dalail which they granted a good while ago. Can you assist. JazakAllah

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