The big Four O

The big Four O

I turned 40 years old today and wondered how I felt as this is a landmark age in all cultures. We know that, generally, the Prophets and Messengers, it would seem, receive revelation from this age onwards. We know that most cultures consider the age of 40 as a time when one becomes wise and, as they say, life begins at 40. It is also my 15th wedding anniversary as I got married on my 25th birthday.

So, I thought if I felt any different today? I suppose there is a realisation that time is running out and that the life that has passed you wished you had spent more constructively, but alhamdulillah I have very little regrets. I have had 15 wonderful years of marriage to my wife Nazia and three lovely children, my parents have always been a supportive and inspirational to me and my siblings loving. I have really wonderful cousins, relatives and friends of who I can say are people that one feels honoured and proud to know, alhamdulillah.

I still play 5-a-side football with guys much younger and fitter than me and I can keep up with them, alhamdulillah that I still have my health (for the time being). What my Lord has bestowed upon me I cannot enumerate as it is so much that he has given me from His bounty, alhamdulillah.

I am grateful to God in linking me to amazing individuals over the years such as our ulama and mashaykh and I am grateful that He has used me as a means to help propagate their work, keep their company and take whatever little I have taken from them over the years knowing full well that as an individual I am not worthy in even carrying their shoes or breath the same air as them.

There is no doubt that 40 is as much a psychological milestone as it isΒ  a physiological milestone, and it is a maqam you reach where you stop, take a breath and take stock of your life and look forward to whatever of the years to come that Allah has granted you, who knows if it will be a few or many and what trials lay ahead? Give thanks for what has passed and pray for what is to come!

7 thoughts on “The big Four O

  1. Congratulations brother Masud! So you completed Hajj before 40. That is a great feat! That too with three young children and your parents. Congratulations on the Hajj. You gave me hope of taking my little one next year inshaAllah.

  2. No doubt your mother will have made dua, insha Allah. Congratulations to your wife, masha Allah.

    The book ‘The Lives of Man’ has an interesting section on 40 and onwards(page 22 to 24>). Noted the page numbers to save me from having to type the quote/s πŸ™‚

  3. Congratulations brother on your 40th birthday, I’m 41 now and never felt better in all my years !

    Insha-Allah as long as you’re in good health age is just a number.

  4. Congratulations Sidi Masud!
    What I want to know is how do you go through life with no regrets? Some of us have many regrets and many missed opportunities and haven’t even reached 40 yet!

    Mas’ud: JazakAllahu-khayran!

    When you look at your regrets in detail, how much of a difference would they have made to you in the life you have now if you had done differently? Would you have been happier? When I measure it up to that, then I have no regrets, where I am today is a result of all the choices, both good and bad, that I have made (as well as other factors).

  5. As-salamu’Alaykum!

    I can’t believe I missed reading this entry!
    Anyway, Happy *belated* 40th Mas’ud bhai. May you be closer to Allah each year. Amin.

    Hey like they say, life begins at 40! Congratulations, you are there, so enjoy! πŸ™‚

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