Response to my post about comments on the al-Maqrizi thread

Response to my post about comments on the al-Maqrizi thread

as-salamu ‘alaykum,

As expected, a response is penned by one of The Translators’ Blog contributors (Yusuf Ibn Yusuf [Abul-Hussein]), I display it here in the spirit of brotherhood and if there is any good in what he has written then I hope we all benefit from it, I love him as my brother in Islam.

I am not going to defend myself or my comments on the matter as what I have written is pretty clear to anyone with some semblance of common sense and contains no personal attacks or defamations, they are observations based on what I have read from The Translators’ Blog and other comments by “them”, “them” being this new brand of “unity” Salafis. Abul-Hussein’s piece is quite sarcastic in places, not really a scholarly response or what I expect from someone with all the scholarly credentials he lists on his blog, he is also rather selective in quoting from what I have written. Yursil Kidwai on his blog has penned an excellent response to the blog entry on his blog and covers most of what I would have said if I could be bothered to respond.

If we can stick to issues of mutual benefit and concern then fine, but the bottom line is that the “Unity Salafis”, in general, are not really about unity, they are about pushing the “Salafi dawah”, same product different packaging to what we have had to suffer with over the last 10 or 15 years.



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