RANT: on the Israeli Terror Campaign against Lebanon

RANT: on the Israeli Terror Campaign against Lebanon


I am very angry, I am so angry that every time I read about Israel’s blood-lust I am physically sick. I have refrained from making any comment on Israel’s War of Terror against the CIVILIAN population of Lebanon and Gaza, because I would probably end up with a few pages of emotional diatribe. Luckily, Fareena’s piece in the Guardian’s Comment is Free blog raises some very interesting and relevant points that the blood soiled Blair regime must take note of.

The inaction and complicity of the Blair regime in the Israeli terror campaigns against the Lebanese civilian population are plain to see. This is not a “War on Terror” it is a “War of Terror”, it is the deliberate and systematic targetting of civilians using precision guided munitions, supplied by Uncle Sam and routed through our very own green and pleasant land. It is plain to see that Mr. Blair has no qualms about bringing death and destruction upon those of a different hue to White Europeanism, let’s face it most Israelis are European and therefore Arabs are the “Other” and the Israelis are “the good ol’ boys”. These are war crimes, make no mistake, and are taking place before our very eyes and are not much better than what the Nazis meted out to the Jews. “Never again!” the oft repeated mantra of our Jewish brethren, how hollow and untrue that has now become in the face of the new (actually not so new now) Holocaust that is being visited upon the Lebanese and Palestinians. How sad that the descendent of Prophets and Messengers are acting in such a way, what disgrace they have brought upon their heritage.

So that we don’t lose sight of the fact that there are good people everywhere Jews for Justice for Palestinians are speaking out, and we need to support these people. We cannot alienate these people by using loose and emotional language against our Jewish brethren. There are scores of other similar organisations, such as Tikkun and the Israeli based Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions.

Let us not be fuelled by hate so much so that we lose objectivity, wisdom and humanity, and I know that it is hard especially at this time in the face of such terror and wilful killing of our brothers and sisters be they Muslim, Christian or Jew.



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