Ramadan Fastathon

Ramadan Fastathon

The Fast-a-thon, is such an excellent da’wah idea that I am surprised that we don’t have an equivalent in the UK! It is at times like these when at school, colleage, university or in the work place, our non-Muslim friends and colleagues are curious about Ramdan and there is a tremendous amount of goodwill towards Muslims (in general) that something like this can be used to spread the word and assist in the congeniality. It is an ideal opportunity for people to have a go at fasting and raise money for local charities…..

From the official Fast-A-thon website:

About the Ramadan Fast-A-thon

In the Name of God, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful

MSA National is pleased to announce the kick-off of your favorite fall semester event: The 6TH ANNUAL RAMADAN FAST-A-THON!!

One of the most successful national student programs in recent history, the Fast-a-thon has grown each year: last year, about 250 campuses participated, exemplifying values of compassion and charity by actively striving to eliminate hunger and homelessness in their communities.

You will find on this website more information on how to host your own Fast-a-thon. Please register your MSA to participate in the National Fast-a-thon. Once you are registered, we will e-mail you a complete copy of the Toolkit: a collection of check-lists and information on how to handle the various aspects of the Fast-a-thon. If you would like us to get the word out, please right-click and download fastathon_banner.gif and place it on your website to get the word out to other MSAs.

We look forward to your questions, comments, and God willing, your support.

We have a vision of a nation that doesn?t just accept Islam and Muslims, but is better because of them, a nation helped in its aspirations to peace and justice through efforts such as the Fast-a-thon.

We invite you to be a part of this vision.


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