as-salamu ‘alaykum dear readers and Eid mubarak,

You may have noticed that I have added GoogleAds to my blog (will be adding to too), this is so that I can generate revenue to cover hosting and related costs. I am presently and effectively unemployed (for over a year now) so need to be careful with finances. I hope that the adverts are not too intrusive. Please bear in mind I have no fine control over the ads and I don’t endorse the adverts or the companies advertising. I have filtered out certain categories of adverts so hopefully there won’t be any really inappropriate ads. My blog and my other site are both hosted on the same server, I haven’t added advertising to yet but anyone who wishes to donate to the hosting can do so from the site’s donate button.

JazakAllahu-khayran for your understanding.
Mas’ud A. Khan

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