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Swiss MP converts to Islam amid his party’s anti-Minaret stance

Daniel Streich once a devout Christian and who was a member of the The Swiss People’s Party, noted for their anti-Islam and anti-Minaret stance, converted to Islam over two years ago but kept his conversion secret. The story was picked up by Pakistan’s “The Nation” newspaper but weaved fact with fiction, which seems to be typical Pakistani journalism, either they over-embellish the truth or they have a slap-dash and lazy approach to journalism. A generalisation? Perhaps, but as someone from Pakistani extraction, having been exposed to The Daily Jang, Nawa-e-Waqt, the Daily Millat and other variant pakora wrappers including The Nation, I have read, time and again, crazy and made up stories passing for “news” that just prey on people’s ignorance.

Anyway, back to the story at hand, Illume Magazine’s Jason Hamza van Boom is presenting a more rigorously established account of the MP’s conversion which you can read here: Swiss Politician’s Conversion Sparks Rumors, his original piece was publised in Tikkun Magazine Online.

The question has to be asked is why are some Muslim prone to exaggerate and in some cases make up stories about conversions (Neil Armstrong anyone?)?

Schwartz Again with Dr. Irfan this time!

Everyone’s “favourite” neo-con Muslim and self-styled sufi and protector of Muslims against “radicalism”, Stephen Schwartz is at it again in another attack on Shaykh Hamza and Zaytuna College with a swipe at Imam Zaid.  This is becoming tiresome and boring.

Disappointingly, he is joined this time by Dr. Irfan Alawi (not the same as the webmaster who is a different person entirely) who had previously denied, on a number of occasions, any slandering and maligning of Shaykh Hamza and of any direct association with Schwartz. However this time he has written a joint article, in which Schwarts spews his bile and regurgitates the same tired old and firmly debunked myths about Shaykh Hamza. The whole piece reeks of envy, diseased hearts and obsessed minds. Continue reading Schwartz Again with Dr. Irfan this time!

Dumb “Islamic” Riddle

You must have come across this riddle as it usually does the rounds like all the other “Islamic” junk mail and junk SMS messages…

What is brighter than day darker than night, haram if eaten, halal if drunk, man uses thrice in a day, woman uses once in life, it is mentioned 5 times in Quran and starts with meem having 5 letters?

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