Monkies, Typewriters and Shakespeare.

Monkies, Typewriters and Shakespeare.

In my previous post I postulated that we are alone in the universe, the first thing people say is that based on the chance of the number of planets similar to the Earth in the Universe, it is likely that there is life out there. Now as a Muslim I don’t believe that life came about by chance and this position of probabilities and chance is a secular atheistic theory. One thing worth thinking about is not so much the complexity and intricacy of life but life itself, why do we exist as opposed to not existing? Why do we exist despite the chances of our non-exisitence being overwhelmingly weighted against us, there would be more of a chance of us winning the lottery every day of our lives than us being in existence and yet we are here?

A favourite example of atheists in support of their belief that life came about randomly through a series of highly improbable and unlikely events is “eventually a room full of monkeys bashing away randomly on typewriters can come up with the complete works of Shakespeare”! The example that should be given is, “give the same monkeys the raw materials for paint and canvas and get them to paint the complete works of Leonardo Da Vinci precisely” if you are talking probabilities then this is probably more accurate.


PS Well done the Arsenal for beating Real Madrid 1-0 last night at the Bernabeu!

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  1. Salaam ‘Alaikum

    I just read a book – can not remember what it was, however – where the author noted that the “room full of monkeys” experiment has been tried. No Shakespeare. No words at all, in fact. The monkeys were partial to the letters T and H, and then towards the end, some of the started typing R and another letter, but other than that…

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