BBC2 Saturday 5th March 2005: Pakistani, actually.

BBC2 Saturday 5th March 2005: Pakistani, actually.

I tuned into this series of documentaries and I am must say they were interesting. Navid Akhtar’s piece in particular was very relevant and I imagine that people like me up and down the country identified with his findings and could draw direct comparisons to their own communities. I had hoped for a more fuller program about this subject. For those who have been following my blog will know that this is a pet “peeve” of mine, masjids that do not serve the needs of the coming generation and are completely stuck in a sub-continent mentality. One thing I found rather amusing was when one of Navid’s interviewees from mosque committee blamed Navid (and by extension the rest of us) for not going to mosque to learn Urdu and Arabic! What some of our older generation don’t realise is that our masajid are not set up to handle the teaching of Arabic beyond reading the script but without meaning. And I personally think that teaching Urdu at the expense of teaching Arabic as a language is a waste of mosque resources. Whilst Urdu is very rich in religious literature, I doubt that many people who would learn Urdu from a mosque will use this skill to approach religious material. I fully acknowledge that Urdu is important to preserve our cultural identity but not at the expense of our religious and spriritual progression and our identity as British Muslims. Let’s face it no matter where we have originated from, we are here to stay and this is as much our home as anyone else’s.



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  1. Salaams,

    Thanking you kindly , for the comments. Being your No1 fan, Stan – I had every intention of coming to hear your efforts to reform the self appointed ‘Wazirs’ that are the Mosque commitee, and put it in the film …but alas 3 quaters into the making of what was a 40min programme, I was told only 20 mins , would be shown. You can imagine my disappointment at what would have been a detailed programme , being cut in half.
    So what you have been denined (directors cut ? maybe) was me meeting our loveable Pir….sorry Peer of the Realm …. Lord Naz, and his concerns about Imams….he then sent me to the Home office and they in turn sent me on to the MCB.
    Maybe a blessing – could have a lost 50, 000 viewers to the footie , on BBC1.
    I also went to a jail, and met a Prison Imam, who was doing a great job, and some inmates , who said they learnt more about Islam in Jail , than the 10 years of rote learning at the local mosque.
    I am clear in my intentions about why I want to make these programmes and forever fustrated at the handcuffs that come with Islamic programmes, for the filmaker. Their are so many amazing, good , kind people in our community , spreading love and compassion – they are the real stars of our community and I am trying my best to highlight their work.
    All support is welcome and all comments , good and bad should go to the BBC website, section on Feedback.
    Next Prog from me , will be on BBC WORLD SERVICE RADIO in April , in time for the Mawlid – ‘The Wives of the Prophet’ .
    Keep up your good work, and thanks for your comments.


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