Apple or Microsoft? OS X or Windows?

Apple or Microsoft? OS X or Windows?

as-salamu ‘alaykum,Having now had an Apple PowerBook G4 for 5 months now, I had visions of throwing out my PeeCee. Well so far I haven’t thrown it out and don’t think that I will. Being from a Unix background I love OS X, it is inherently much much more stable and secure than Windoze will ever be and I can’t imagine having to reinstall OS X because the kernel (similar to the Windblows registry, but far far more stable!) is corrupted because I just installed something.

Being someone who tinkers around with a website or two, I inevitably use Dreamweaver and Fireworks and these are much better on Wincrows than on OS X. I prefer Photoshop on the OS X than on the PC and I do enjoy using my Mac even though I grudgingly concede that the XP interface is easier to navigate around.

So there you have it OS X is far superior to Windows in terms of security and stability but Windows is easier to get around.



One thought on “Apple or Microsoft? OS X or Windows?

  1. As-Salaamu ‘alaikum,

    Just to let you know, Dreamweaver is now designed to be compatible with Wine (the Linux Windows API) as well as Windoze itself. I don’t know about Fireworks or Photoshop though.

    I don’t agree about the Windoze interface being easier to navigate – I find my Mac much easier to get around than any Windoze XP machine. Windoze Explorer has a very poor imitation of a Unix-style filesystem. It also has a vastly inferior shell to OSX or any other variety of Unix – you can do so much more with “bash” than with the DOS shell.

    And it’s much more natural to wait for a Finder window to appear than to wait twice for the Start menu then the “All programs” menu. IMHO at least.

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