How to extract audio from YouTube

There is a lot of good content on YouTube and other video sites and in a lot of cases having the audio is more important than having the video. The site converts FLV files (YouTube videos) to MP3 as well other video formats. It’s excellent! You can even download a desktop version to convert Flash video that you have downloaded.

Hajj: Footage of Jamarat

Here is some footage I shot of Jamarat during my Hajj trip in 2008. This ritual represents the stoning of the devil by Abraham as Satan tried to tempt him.

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Hajj: Video of our Hotel in Makkah

In a previous post I discussed Hajj Tour operators and my experiences with our particular one U.K. Hajj and Umrah Services Ltd of Whitechapel, London. I present here a video of the accommodation that they assigned to us so that you can see what some of these HTOs offer. I am also giving a running commentary on what I see.

Let me say at the outset that what you will see will shock you, but it should not put you off making the Hajj, what this video should do is make you a bit more wary of what the HTO promises you. If you have experienced anything like this then you should contact your local trading standards office and make a complaint. Don’t just put up with it because standards need to improve and they only improve when people make a fuss.

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Someone else has posted a video on YouTube of the same or a remarkably similar “hotel”.