BBC: The Art of Spain – The Moorish South

Great documentary available via BBC’s iPlayer about The Moorish South. It’s only available for 5 more days (until 19th May) so get it quick!

Unacceptable “face” of Moonsighting in the Mosque

Dear Brothers in Islam,

This issue of moonsighting in the mosque is a major issue facing our community, it comes up time and again, we need to come together and unite and stand up in the face of this confusion and say with one voice “it has to stop now!

Only last Juma’ I was unfortunate enough to be affected by this issue and had to run for cover. There I was offering my Sunnahs and I got an eyeful in front of me and it was unsightly, pale, hairy and poking out above the belt line of ill-fitting jeans and below a short T-shirt!

This is one moonsighting issue that I am sure that we can all agree on, it has to stop!

Brothers, please please please, when going to the mosque please make sure that you are appropriately dressed and that your awrah is suitably covered and take into consideration when you go into ruku and sajda that you don’t expose your builder’s bum to the rest of the congregation.

As men we take for granted what we can wear and complacency can set in, we should take a leaf out of our dear Muslim sisters’ book on this, since they have a much more “restricted” choice of what they can wear and are always concerned with their awrah. Somehow, us Muslim men have forgotten that there is a dress standard that applies to us too and it certainly doesn’t allow for us to air our buttocks in the masjid! Additionally, as the summer months approach, we’ll be donning T-shirts and this makes matters worse, T-shirts, jeans and salat don’t mix well, sure, short sleeves are OK but it is khilaf al-awla – against customary practice – and perhaps not the best adab (manners) when visiting a mosque. “But brother, it’s summer, ya’ani, it’s too hot, we can’t wear more clothes than a T-shirt”, is probably the response from some people, well perhaps you should walk around in a jilbab and hijab for the day and see how the other half lives; kudos to our sisters in these summer months!

So, given the situation that a brother has displayed a “sajda shiner” what can we do? I thought about this last Friday and it is not easy to tell a brother that you have seen his butt when he was in sajda. For a start it is a crowded prayer room, chances are that you are not the only one who got an eyeful, if you leant over and whispered in his ear, everyone would know what you are saying to him and the brother would feel that everyone is looking at him (which in all honestly was probably the case!) I just couldn’t bring myself to give him the nasihah that I should have, I chickened out. Any suggestions funny or otherwise? Comments please!

Joking aside, there is quite serious issue here (as if exposing oneself in public isn’t serious enough!) and that is the validity of one’s salat if the awrah is not covered. There is a real danger of invalidating one’s prayer and this should be reason enough to check your rear before your wreck your prayer!

New Blog: Naeem Abdul Wali

Shaykh Naeem Abdul Wali has a blog in which is shares some of his thoughts on various subjects such as:

  • Quranic Reflections
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Naeem Abdul Wali

Naeem Abdul Wali was born Gary Edwards in Crossville, Tennessee, USA, but grew up in Indiana. He embraced Islam while attending Purdue University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Entomology.

In 1991 he moved to Medina, Saudi Arabia, to begin a series of studies in Islamic disciplines. After two years he pursued further studies in the Fatih district of Istanbul, Turkey under various traditional scholars including his spiritual director Sh.Mahmud Ustaosmanoglu (popularly known as Mahmud Effendi).

Since receiving his traditional certifcation (Ijaza) to teach the disciplines & texts he studied he has taught in the United Kingdom, Western Europe, United States, Canada and Australia where he currently resides.