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Two new articles on

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The Rulings Regarding Touching the Mushaf
by Mahdi Lock

199 ? Topic: (Nobody but the purified touches the mushaf)
This means pure from both states of ritual impurity. This was narrated by Ibn ?Umar, al-Hasan, ?Ataa?, Tawus, Sh?abi, and al-Qasim bin Muhammad, and it is the opinion of Malik, al-Shafi?i, and the people of opinion. We do not know of anybody who differs with them other than Dawud, and he used as an evidence the fact that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, wrote an ayah in his letter to the Caesar. Al-Hakam and Hammad permit the touching [of the mushaf] with the outside of the hand, because it is the inside of the hand that is normally used for touching, so the prohibition applies to it and nothing else.

A Muslim?s Commentary on Benedict XVI?s recent speech
by Aref Nayed

The Pontiff?s lecture gave rise to a deep and painful rupture in Catholic ? Muslim relations on many fronts: diplomatic, political, and, most intensely, popular. The superficial media coverage of the lecture, and the intensity of popular reactions to that coverage, have largely prevented clear-headed considerations and critiques of its contents. This paper strives to conduct a thorough study of the lecture…..


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