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Making sense of Woolwich…

After the senseless and barbaric slaying of a young British serviceman by two, supposed “Muslims”, we are getting news of Mosques being attacked and fire-bombed, Muslim women being harassed, spat at, abused and having their headscarves ripped off. The senseless actions of these murderous idiots have placed Muslims under threat and danger here in Britain. I fail to understand why they carried this act out? There is no sanction and justification for it in our religion, none whatsoever. “They do it to us, so we do it to them” is not a valid principle in our religion. They have not helped “our women and children” in “our lands” by this act. They have not furthered any cause, Islamic or otherwise. They have made matters decidedly and emphatically worse for Muslims. They have only acted out of some disease deep down in their soul and psyche, it’s a discourse of anger, it’s reactionary emotionalism, it’s psychopathic.

Fighting a war on a battlefield is one thing, face to face with a well prepared opponent, but to run down an unsuspecting innocent person in the street and then butcher him is psychopathic and cold blooded murder. One does not take the life of an animal without apprehension, but this was a human being, a husband, a father, a son.

I am reminded of the story of Sayyidina Ali, the Prophet’s cousin who, when on the battlefield he had an enemy combatant at the point of his sword and was about to finish him off in the heat of battle when the soldier spat on him. Just as Sayyidna Ali was about to run his sword through for the kill, he hesitated. The thought occurred to him as to whether he was going to finish him off in anger for the sake of himself, having been spat at or for the sake of God. Sayyidna Ali, decided it was the former and spared the soldier. When the soldier later asked him for an explanation he became Muslim due to the example set by this noble and righteous man. What example do these murderers set? They are poles apart, I am not sure what religion these guys are following but it certainly not the path the Sayyidna Ali was on.

The only sense I can make of this act and those like it are that there are some deep rooted mental issues that the perpetrators have. Deluded psychopaths, that’s the only thing that makes any kind of sense to me.

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Contentions 14

here are some selected gems:
40. Formalism? Only Sufism fills out the forms.
41. Without the rusum you haven?t got a prayer.
42. Atheism: I live, and I will die. Theism: I live, and I will live. Tariqa: I am dead, and I will live. Haqiqa: Allah is Alive, and does not die.
43. Islam, by veiling her, reveals her; Edom, by unveiling her, erases her face.
44. Her charm is the jam-i ?ishret.
45. Marx is dead; only the Living God of Ishmael will now uphold the poor.
46. Ask your grandparents of their grandparents, lest you become ?forgotten and forgetting.?
47. You will not open the Furqan before you open the Qur?an.
48. The Vedas were invaders; al-Qasim revived the Way.
49. It was Orientalism that told us that Islam means ?submission?. But Islam says that Islam means ?letting go?.
50. ?If the eyes had no tears, the soul would have no rainbow.? (Minquass proverb)


America as a Jihad State:
Middle Eastern perceptions of modern American theopolitics

“The painful saga of modern Arab-Muslim history evokes the battles fought in the Crusades of the 11th century, when the Knights of Malta began their operations as a Christian militia whose mission it was to defend the land conquered by the Crusaders. These memories return violently to mind with the discovery of links between the so-called security firms in Iraq such as Blackwater have historic links with the Knights of Malta. You cannot exaggerate it. The Order of Malta is a hidden government, or the most mysterious government in the world.[15]

The notion of the world?s largest mercenary army, accused of arbitrary and excessive violence in Iraq, being led by soldiers who take a direct oath of obedience to a Pope who has already become unpopular for his comments on Islam, has now entered a very wide circulation.”