Imam Zaid: Answer to a “Salafi” Brother

Imam Zaid: Answer to a “Salafi” Brother

Imam Zaid Shakir answers the questions of a “Salafi” brother who was hounding him recently to “qualify his position”.

The questions are:

Q: What do you say about Ibn Taymiyya?

Q: What does Tariqa mean?

Q: What is your position of the Hadith of the Seventy-three sects?

Q: What do you say about the Ash?aris?

Imam Zaid writes:

“Recently, while attending a gathering of Muslims that was otherwise characterized by brotherly love and goodwill, I was hounded by a ?Salafi? who angrily demanded that I answer his questions, to ?qualify my position.? To me this was a sad and pathetic episode. I am not one to get caught up in what is usually a counterproductive endeavor, because it likely leads to a series of bitter responses and refutations, and wastes valuable time a Muslim should be spending to do righteous deeds for the benefit of his or her soul. However, having promised to answer the brother, I will briefly respond. I pray that Allah makes these lines beneficial. I am traveling and answering from my head so a few minor mistakes might appear, please forgive me for those.”

The answers are found on the New Islamc Directions website in the article entitles Answer to a “Salafi” Brother.

2 thoughts on “Imam Zaid: Answer to a “Salafi” Brother

  1. BismillahirRahmanirRahim

    Salamun Aleykum,

    This is exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, my Father is confronting me with the same “questions”. But he is willing to read an explanation.

    Thank you.

    Fi Amanillah,

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