KRM, Dubai Based thinktank, launches revamped website

KRM, Dubai Based thinktank, launches revamped website

From the website

Kalam Research and Media (KRM) is dedicated to the renewal of Islamic theology, or as it is known in the Islamic scholarly tradition, the science of Kalam. We continue to build a serious network of leading institutions and scholars to allow them to engage and collaborate on this scholarly enterprise. We also believe that this effort can only be done in dialogue with philosophy and science and within an interfaith context. KRM has built solid collaborative intellectual networks with other religious communities and wider secular intellectual voices, believing firmly that any renewal of the Islamic theological tradition can only take place through such an ethos of openness and humility, whilst exerting our best intellectual capacities to this task. KRM’s vision of theological renewal is an effort to understand the world, its meaning and phenomena, and the reality of life and existence, using theological, spiritual, analytic, poetic and literary tools that we have at our disposal in the Islamic tradition. Such a collaborative approach, of an intense intellectual effort, that comes together with an openness to dialogue with our own intellectual heritage, and with other religious, philosophical and scientific traditions—is absolutely critical in our age.

KRM’s newly redesigned website aims to be much more accessible as a portal for updates on KRM’s work and scholarly collaboration. Our work covers a number of critical areas and the new website is dynamic enough to keep pace with our progress and with the needs of our constituency of partners and users. Our design brief was to keep the website aesthetic clean and contemporary and be robust enough to be able to incorporate text, photos, videos and audio. KRM will be adding a range of media for easy accessibility for the general public and the specialist scholars and our new website will make the interactive experience a pleasant one for the end user. Given that the internet has become such a vital source and tool of knowledge and community, KRM will be organising web-centered activities including teaching, discussion and study and accessible from a variety of media platforms.

The importance of nurturing rich media has never been more critical, and at KRM we are ready to revitalise the way people look at Islamic religious discourse and scholarship.

Ambassador Dr. Aref Ali Nayed
Founder and Director, 
Kalam Research & Media

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