Abuse of Sacred Symbols – a reply

I received a response from the lady I replied to in my previous post Abuse of Sacred Symbols

Hi Masud,

I love this explanation. It has provoked a lot of thought about my own faith. I do agree that the name of GOd is sacred and I do agree that in our world the respect for the sacred is declining rapidly. Your letter has made me examine the places in my heart that is not treating my relationship with my heavenly Father with the reverence that He deserves. I came to my faith a little over 9 years ago when my life was a mess. GOd Changed men (my heart and thinking) and loved me. Just thinking about the place he brought me out of and for the 1st time in my life feeling true love. He deserves the most (what the bible says) fear of the Lord. We as Christians have lost a lot of our reverence as a society tries to dictate what to believe. We have put so much into a “reationship” with God that were have pushed aside the reverence and respect for Him. That always leads us to sin.

Historically, in America it was not always this way. Matter a fact as recent as the 1930’s was a shift in our social make up here. Before then our leaders and elected officials were adamant that without God our country could not exists. They taught faith in School, God was posted in our court houses, Nothing was voted on or made law with out it being prayerfully considered. Our founding fathers felt that the only true freedom was found in the bible( God’ s Law). They didn’t need to make a lot of laws,because if people lived by the Word of God then they would not have to worry about murder, and sexual immorality, and lying (cheating) ect……….Because people had the fear of the Lord and that was true freedom.

Since Prayer and the bible were taken out of school and started preaching to our kids in public school about contraception the teen pregnancy has risen to a staggering amount. that is just the girls who have there Children. Then the murdering of babies through abortion is the same as the Holocaust every 6 years in America. (that is 1,000,000 babies a year). Most of those are teen pregnancy of unwed mothers. We have the decline of the family. the list goes on.

It grieves me, but I am not surprised. You see we are facing a time in which our faith will be shaken in a world that is against those who don’t think like they do.

Remember how I said that our forefathers believed without faith our country would collapse. Well, For the 1st time ever I am living in a place where it is un-American to be American. So, When you group us in with Europe it doesn’t surprise me. Just makes me sad. That is my rant for now. I could go on,but that will not do anyone any good.

I can’t change society,but I can make choices with myself and my family. I can teach my children what true faith is. I can teach them What sacred really means. I Can pray for a Holy Father to invade the hearts and minds of those who are leaders. I can be bold about the abuse of GOd’s. holy name. Whether it be a rapper who wears a cross and then says every profane word possible or see the sign for Allah on a Bk lid. I do have a voice in this country still and I will use it the best I can while I can.

Thank you Masud for your kindness and the most profound words . They were just what I needed to hear.



Schism, sects and Islam.

I wrote this in response to someone’s Facebook wall post that said:

“‘I’m NOT a Shi’ite, I’m NOT a Sufi, I’m NOT a Ahmedi, I’m NOT a Shafi-ee, I’m NOT a Hanbali, I’m NOT a Hanafi or I’m NOT a Maliki. I AM WHAT THE QUR’AN ASKED ME TO BE!.”‘

My response turned out longer than expected, and probably even longer if I spent more time writing it….

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Extremism has no religion.

If you have seen the film American History X, you’ll be struck at the similarities between white supremacist demagoguery and that of “Muslim” extremist demagoguery. The psychology of extremism transcends religion; fundamentally it is about hatred of the “other”.

The ingredients to motivating youngsters to extremism are universal. Take some disenfranchised youth, give them an “enemy” to blame for their problems and predicament. Add to that some twisted logic, back it up by selective statistics, de-contextualused scripture or some myths and hearsay about the other, re-enforce some identity (religion, race, ideology, tribe, etc.) and use a charismatic, eloquent and forceful frontman to deliver, using very heavy rhetorical devices, “solutions” to the “problems” that you have made people believe they have and you have a recipe for extremism that is both convincing and seductive.