Oxford Weekly Madrasa Programme with Sh Afifi al-Akiti

A wonderful opportunity to take knowledge from one of the most brilliant traditional scholars in the UK.

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Oxford Traditional Knowledge Foundation

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Tim Winter (editor) – The Cambridge Companion to Classical Islamic Theology

Tim Winter edits The Cambridge Companion to Classical Islamic Theology


This series of critical reflections on the evolution and major themes of pre-modern Muslim theology begins with the revelation of the Koran, and extends to the beginnings of modernity in the eighteenth century. The significance of Islamic theology reflects the immense importance of Islam in the history of monotheism, to which it has brought a unique approach and style, and a range of solutions which are of abiding interest. Devoting especial attention to questions of rationality, scriptural fidelity, and the construction of ‘orthodoxy’, this volume introduces key Muslim theories of revelation, creation, ethics, scriptural interpretation, law, mysticism, and eschatology. Throughout the treatment is firmly set in the historical, social and political context in which Islam’s distinctive understanding of God evolved. Despite its importance, Islamic theology has been neglected in recent scholarship, and this book provides a unique, scholarly but accessible introduction.