Hajj: The Yearning Made Clear

Hajj: The Yearning Made Clear

Before I performed the Hajj in 2007, I used to be very critical of those who would go every year, I thought that this was very selfish since the numbers of hujjaj increase year upon year and that if you have completed this sacred duty once and fulfilled your obligation you should go for umrah instead to lessen the human load and burden on this momentous occasion.

I now understand why those whom Allah has given the tawfiq financially go and want to go every year. There is an even deeper yearning in my heart to go again, to experience this amazing event another time. Even the physical hardship has a sweetness to it that is hard to describe, I wish to stand before the Ka’aba, at Maqam al-Ibrahim, to perform the Sa’iy and once again feel that pain and anguish of Hagar and then to drink deep from the well of Zam Zam. I wish to visit The Prophet (Allah bless him and grant him peace) and to give him my Salams and to soak up the ambience and atmosphere of the holy places.

So now I know why, may Allah bless those who will be going this year and may He accept their ibadat and may He answer their prayers. Amin.

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