The Chickens have Landed!

The Chickens have Landed!

We received our Eglu Go and three chickens which my daughter has named Jamie, Lizabella and Audrey. Jamie and Lizabella are of the same breed – Ginger Nut Rangers – so telling them apart is going to be a challenge. Audrey is a “Miss Pepperpot” and is very shy, seems to run behind the other two when you approach.

The van and the man from Omlet turned up at about 3pm and took about 45 mins to set-up everything up.

Here is what it looks like on our garden:

Eglu Go
The Eglu Go
Our Chickens

We’ll be moving them off the lawn to a side area in the next couple of days. We are not allowed to let them out for 5 days so they know to come home to roost otherwise they wander off and don’t come back.

One thought on “The Chickens have Landed!

  1. LOL you know what they say ‘you can take the man out the pind but you can’t take the pind out the man!’

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