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In Support of Imam Zaid Shakir

Imam Zaid Shakir’s response to Front Page Magazine’s personal attack

Imam Zaid Shakir, may Allah bless him with the best in all realities and protect him, has issued the following statement:

?Although I do not expect propaganda organs like Front Page Magazine or Muslims Against the Sharia to be interested in the truth, I would expect that you would do a minimum amount of fact-checking. Contrary to what you print in your story ?Horowitz Speech on Radical Islam Has Repercussions at Northwestern?, I was not a co-founder of Masjid Al-Islam in Oakland, California, nor have I ever been affiliated with that mosque. I was a co-founder of Masjid Al-Islam in New Haven, Connecticut. Our mosque was founded to serve, in the words of our motto as ?a moral voice in the community.? The mosque has been and continues to be a source of spiritual guidance and social and economic services for a largely poor and an underserved inner-city community. A correction on your part, while not anticipated, would be appreciated.? – Imam Zaid Shakir

This statement is in response to Horowitz’s Speech on Radical Islam Has Repercussions at Northwestern published by FrontPage Magazine and and reposted by Muslims Against Sharia (where we originally found the story and shared it with our beloved Imam)

We humbly request all students and friends of Imam Zaid to link to this announcement (on your blogs, websites, social networks, etc.) to spread the word about this issue:


Imam Zaid: Answer to a “Salafi” Brother

Imam Zaid Shakir answers the questions of a “Salafi” brother who was hounding him recently to “qualify his position”.

The questions are:

Q: What do you say about Ibn Taymiyya?

Q: What does Tariqa mean?

Q: What is your position of the Hadith of the Seventy-three sects?

Q: What do you say about the Ash?aris?

Imam Zaid writes:

“Recently, while attending a gathering of Muslims that was otherwise characterized by brotherly love and goodwill, I was hounded by a ?Salafi? who angrily demanded that I answer his questions, to ?qualify my position.? To me this was a sad and pathetic episode. I am not one to get caught up in what is usually a counterproductive endeavor, because it likely leads to a series of bitter responses and refutations, and wastes valuable time a Muslim should be spending to do righteous deeds for the benefit of his or her soul. However, having promised to answer the brother, I will briefly respond. I pray that Allah makes these lines beneficial. I am traveling and answering from my head so a few minor mistakes might appear, please forgive me for those.”

The answers are found on the New Islamc Directions website in the article entitles Answer to a “Salafi” Brother.