Qur’anic vocabulary and terminology was preserved for good reason.

Qur’anic vocabulary and terminology was preserved for good reason.

Revisiting Qur’anic terminology and bending it beyond what is the known, established and intended meanings leaves the religion open to abuse and subversion. That’s why we get extremists like alQaida, ISIS and others and that’s why we get “insights” like “let’s have Jummah [Friday congregational prayers] on Saturday because the word ‘jummah’ just means ‘congregation’ and you can congregate for Friday prayers on Saturday” (I’m not joking) ! Extreme religiosity and extreme liberalism are two sides of the same coin, both consider that the basis of religion is a free for all regardless of experience and expertise. They both dispense with 1600 years of in-depth scholarship and use whim as an arbiter of what they deem correct. 

And if you think I’m joking about the suggestion of having Jummah on a Saturday, see http://www.patheos.com/blogs/personalislam/2016/10/why-we-need-saturday-reform-jummas/

In keeping with the absurdity of such “reforms” if “zakat” means to cleanse can we just put our money and gold into a washing machine?

Additionally, how is it that successive generations of ulama, and people steeped in the Arabic language, both male and female, have misunderstood the word khimar in the Quran and someone in the 21st century suddenly insists that it doesn’t mean what it has meant for over 1400 years since the beginning of Islam?

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