Piclens – immersive image viewing

Piclens – immersive image viewing

PicLens logoIf you browse a lot of image sites or even come across a site with lots of images, you can you the PicLens plugin for your browser to create superfast 3D thumbnails of all the images on the page. This is an excellent and quite possibly one of the greatest plugins ever!

One thought on “Piclens – immersive image viewing

  1. Hi Mas?ud,

    Thank you for posting about PicLens 1.7! We truly appreciate it.

    PicLens 1.7 comes with three exciting new additions:

    * Discover — MSNBC, ESPN, movie trailers…Surf the latest media feeds on the 3D Wall.
    * Shop Amazon — Browse products from Amazon in a new virtual window shopping environment.
    * Return to PicLens — Easily toggle in and out of PicLens to your browser and desktop!

    For interested readers, please check out our visual demo at http://piclens.com/demo and learn more at http://blog.cooliris.com.

    Hope everyone enjoys the three latest additions to PicLens!

    Luna and The Cooliris Team

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