Nasihah to a dear friend on current issues

Nasihah to a dear friend on current issues

This was some nasihah to a dear friend (and to myself first)…

as-salamu ‘alaykum bro,

Just when we thought it couldn’t get worse for us in the UK, this happens and After all the hard work we all put in post 9/11 and 7/7.

The whole Lebanon situation is infuriating I know and there is much confusion morally, socially, jurisprudentially as well. Hang in there bro, let’s do what we can in our own capacities to highlight the plight of those who have been transgressed against. Ultimately, good always comes out of adversity and tribulation, times are hard and watching innocents suffer, the hypocrisy of the Bush/Blair world-view, the inadequacies and frailties of Muslim “leadership”, the foolishness of those who would try and take “justice” into their own emotionally driven hands, is gut-wrenchingly soul destroying. No one has learnt anything about recent events, including us pampered western Muslims.

What can we do apart from dua and dhikr and use our voices and wisdom and not let our anger and resentment make us take leave of our senses, duties and responsibilities.

When a storm comes and destroys our house we should look to rebuild, we can vent our anger at the storm all we like but it will not avail us. The Bush/Blair storm will blow and blow and eventually insha’Allah, puff itself out. We can always hope and pray for better leaders who see the world in a better light and with light, rather than the darkness with which Bush/Blair see it. Oh Man! what a ramble! Sidi, forgive me if I said anything wrong or stupid but I am wrestling with the Lebanon thing, the Iraq thing, this latest thing in the UK and many other things, I may not be the only one who feels the world and its affairs are overwhelming us at the moment, there is no sakeena any more and I am constantly questioning myself on what I am doing with my life and what God has given me, it must be the ramblings of someone approaching middle-age (1.5 years to go!).



PS, I should blog this ramble!

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