Muslims, Standard Bearers of Faith

Muslims, Standard Bearers of Faith

I have been pondering this thought for a while now and have come to the conclusion that out of all the faith groups Muslims are the standbearers of faith. Why? Because Islam and Muslims have been under unbearable public and media scrutiny, the debate on religion has been forced into the public arena, it is persistent and incessant, and by and large, Muslims have given a good account of themselves. We are unashamedly religious, we have declared to our co-religionists that it is OK to believe and to shout it from the roof tops! When religious debate calls on Muslim opinion we generally do not pussy-foot around the issues, people know generally where we stand. Islam and Muslims are not overly concerned about making concessions to liberal agendas in order to swell the ranks of Muslims and people respect that and because of that Islam’s ranks swell.

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