Max Blumenthal Covers Pro-Israel Rally via Umar Lee’s blog

Max Blumenthal Covers Pro-Israel Rally via Umar Lee’s blog

I saw this via Umar Lee’s blog in which investigative journalist Max Blumenthal (Max Blumenthal Wiki Page) questions the pro-Israeli protestors and gets some really nasty, vile and evil responses, I started writing a comment on the post on Umar’s blog but I wrote enough for a blog entry (see below):

Man, I thought the Jewish people were intelligent? I mean historically many of the greatest minds in history have been from this race of incredibly gifted people, but what I saw here is the kind of brain-dead morons you get with inbreeding; ignoramuses the lot of them. Kudos to Max Blumenthal for giving these people enough rope to hang themselves with, thank God that there are still people in from this community like Max. Can you imagine the outcry if it was a pro-Palestinian rally in which Muslims and other made similar comments!

The irony here (and there are many ironies in this conflict) is that all those interviewed want to see “Gaza wiped off the map”! Sound familiar? SubhanAllah, why can’t these people see that in this conflict the Israelis (Zionists in particular) are the Nazis and the Palestinians are the Jews? How can a people who have suffered so much in their history, visit a similar suffering on another people? SubhanAllah, perhaps it is the case of the one who is abused becomes the abuser? I bet if they could get away with it, the Israelis would send the Palestinians to gas chambers, don’t tell me they haven’t thought about it?

I can see? a time when there will be a simlar center to the Simon Wiesenthal Center dedicated to hunting down IDF soldiers, officers and the Israeli war criminal politicians and bringing them to justice, there should be museums across the Muslim world and elsewhere documenting the suffering of the Palestinian people, there are tragic human stories to be told in a similar vein to the Jews of World War II that will be lost if they are not documented and retold. Muslim writers, playwrites, film makers should be thinking about these stories and making every effort to tell them. If the Jewish community can make hundreds if not thousands of stories from their dark period in modern history, which lasted a few years, the Palestinians have had over 60 years of suffering and injustice.

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