The TileApp – lost personal items or lost personal privacy?

The TileApp – lost personal items or lost personal privacy?

Just saw a suggested post on my Facebook timeline for On the face of it it looks like a very useful product, but scratch a little deeper, it is potentially dangerous. Imagine someone secretly sticking it to your car or other such personal item, they could then stalk you without you even knowing.

I love technology, I’m a technophile, but new technology is increasingly becoming a very sharp double-edged sword and I find myself becoming more and more techno-skeptic, which is leading to a kind of techno-phobia in me. Undoubtedly, stuff like TileApp solves everyday problems like lost keys and wayward pets, but with the serious privacy implications that come with it, does the solving of these problems outweigh those concerns and implications? I think I can live with misplaced keys and wandering pets, but can I live with yet another device that exposes my location….I don’t think so.

I remember watching an interview with film producer Aaron Russo who spoke about the plan by the global banking elite was to have everyone implanted with an RFID chip, this seems to be a step in that direction.

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