BBC Director General Pro-Israeli?

BBC Director General Pro-Israeli?

I was reading Osama Saeed’s blog Rolled Up Trousers and he has dug up a report from the Independent in 2005 that could perhaps explain the BBC decision. It turns out that the Director General Mark Thompson was on a trip to Jerusalem in 2005 and had a face to face meeting with the war criminal Ariel Sharon;? Mr. Thompson’s wife is also Jewish.? You make your own mind up and if you are yet to make a complaint to the BBC perhaps you should ask whether these two points had any bearing on the decision.

2 thoughts on “BBC Director General Pro-Israeli?

  1. Did you get a reply back from the BBC today Mas’ud bhai?
    I did. It didn’t say anything I didn’t know already sadly.
    Still regurgitating the same old points…

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