AlJazeera: Free Footage under Creative Commons

AlJazeera: Free Footage under Creative Commons

I was in Doha over the weekend attending the Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow conference, there were a couple great young Al Jazeera guys in attendance. Al Jazeera are doing a fantastic job in covering the conflict in Gaza and whilst the images and videos are graphic and harrowing they are showing the reality of war and are keeping this conflict in the public eye where as other news agencies for whatever reason seem to be playing down the conflict. Al Jazeera have taken an innovative and unprecedented step in allowing their footage to be used under the Creative Commons Licensing for people to blog, put on websites and distribute in whatever way they choose (non-profit). The repository can be accessed here: We must use all legal means at our disposal to highlight the genocidal actions of Israel and keep this in the public eye. The news agencies can hide it as much as they want but new media is now becoming? much more powerful than established media. Do you part for Palestine, no good getting angry and frustrated, channel that anger and frustration in creative (as opposed to destructive) pursuits.

2 thoughts on “AlJazeera: Free Footage under Creative Commons

  1. Jazaka Allahu Khairan sidi for your effort. The muslim world needs dependable islamic opinion, we’re being bombarded daily by lies mixed with facts in the name of supporting islam, as if Islam needs lies to save it, or as if islam supports the idea of “the end justifies the means”..unfortunately the result was distrust!!

    Speaking of which, I wonder if you know the facts in the issue of Macdonalds, Starbucks etc issue?

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