ISNA Footage now available on FaithTube

ISNA Footage now available on FaithTube

I took my video camera along to ISNA and did some filming there. I have edited the footage and have made it available on

Currently Available:

? A walk around the Stephen’s Convention Center hours before ISNA gets going.

? A chat with Haji Haji Noor Deen Mi Guangjiang at his ISNA stall

On their way:

? A chat with Dawud Wharnsby Ali

? Interview with the people behind SunniPath

? A chat with Besim Bruncaj of Caravan Saray

? A walk through the Bazaar

? A chat with the supporters of Presidential Candidate John Kerry



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2 thoughts on “ISNA Footage now available on FaithTube”

  1. Can you please put up the rest of your footage of ISNA? I missed the conference this year and want to see the rest of your views from the conference (especially what was in the bazaar)…

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