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FaithTube.com – a YouTube for Muslims

as-salamu ‘alaykum,

FaithTube.com is a web video content provider similar to YouTube. It is a project that I am directly involved with in association with a couple of good friends. Basically, FaithTube.com aims to provide video content specifically faith and inspiration based without some of the “white noise” nonsense that platforms like GoogleVideo/YouTube and other providers seem to have.

Currently we have a lot of videos cross-posted from YouTube and Google and we do have some original content and we are encouraging people to start uploading original content to the site, it’s a great way to share your creative work, your ideas, thoughts, video blog or whatever video content you think will interest other people.

Like other sites, you can upload virtually any video file and it will be encoded into Flash video on the server. Please use the site and spread the word!