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Richard Dawkins, bigoted fact spinner

I got in a twitter conversation with someone defending Richard Dawkins’ bigoted twitter comments about Islam saying that all Dawkins is doing is stating facts and facts are not bigoted.

True, facts are not bigoted but the bigotry is in the way you spin them to support your bigotry.

For example:

In America, more black men are charged and convicted of crimes compared to white men. This is an undeniable fact, but without looking into causes and reasons, and if we are of a bigoted disposition, we will conclude black men are criminals or are more prone to criminality than white men. We can spin facts to support our bigoted thesis.

The reality of this fact is that America disproportionately incarcerates more black men than white guys for similar or lesser crimes. If we investigate further we see that there is institutional racism in the American legal and penal system and this is a symptom of a wider race problem in America. If we wanted to present a bigoted thesis we would say that all white Americans are racists and hate people of colour and Americans are more prone to racism and hatred of black people than others.

Live Twitter Notes from Habib Ali’s event at Friends’ House

I am intending to attempt to make Twitter notes from the Radical Middle Way‘s upcoming Habib Ali’s talk “I’m Mad as Hell and I Can’t Take it Anymore” and publish them live from my Twitter feed which is http://www.twitter.com/majhul you will also be able to search for the posts (if you miss them) at http://hashtags.org/ by searching for the tag #rmw-ha1 as we will (if we remember) to tag the posts, I have a test posting on there at the moment. I am not sure if someone from RMW will also be twittering but you can also add their Twitter feed.

The “we” is not the royal “we” as I am hoping that my two wonderful and lovely (this is not flattery, they are!) nieces Zakia and Maria will assist me in Twittering the event (in fact, I think I’ll lumber them with the job if I can get away with it!). Each post is restricted to 140 characters so will try and do very punchy and brief updates. Please forgive us if it is all a bit too haphazard or doesn’t happen at all.

If you are scratching your head and wondering what Twitter is, it is essentially microblogging and is great for “what I am doing right now” type of posts that those familiar with Facebook will recognise. You can see the Twitter help pages for further information. You can also use various Twitter clients, I am currently using Twhirl for tracking and posting, but there are a number of other clients around.

The event details are:

The Radical Middle Way Project
05 February 2009 at 18:00 – 21:00

Friends House,
173-177 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ
London, United Kingdom

Contact Info Phone: 02075548543