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Live Twitter Notes from Habib Ali’s event at Friends’ House

I am intending to attempt to make Twitter notes from the Radical Middle Way‘s upcoming Habib Ali’s talk “I’m Mad as Hell and I Can’t Take it Anymore” and publish them live from my Twitter feed which is http://www.twitter.com/majhul you will also be able to search for the posts (if you miss them) at http://hashtags.org/ by searching for the tag #rmw-ha1 as we will (if we remember) to tag the posts, I have a test posting on there at the moment. I am not sure if someone from RMW will also be twittering but you can also add their Twitter feed.

The “we” is not the royal “we” as I am hoping that my two wonderful and lovely (this is not flattery, they are!) nieces Zakia and Maria will assist me in Twittering the event (in fact, I think I’ll lumber them with the job if I can get away with it!). Each post is restricted to 140 characters so will try and do very punchy and brief updates. Please forgive us if it is all a bit too haphazard or doesn’t happen at all.

If you are scratching your head and wondering what Twitter is, it is essentially microblogging and is great for “what I am doing right now” type of posts that those familiar with Facebook will recognise. You can see the Twitter help pages for further information. You can also use various Twitter clients, I am currently using Twhirl for tracking and posting, but there are a number of other clients around.

The event details are:

The Radical Middle Way Project
05 February 2009 at 18:00 – 21:00

Friends House,
173-177 Euston Road, London, NW1 2BJ
London, United Kingdom

Contact Info Phone: 02075548543

Sh AHM – Globalised Before Globalisation (Radical Middle Way)

An excellent lecture (what else could it be other than excellent?) from Shaykh Abdal Hakim Murad on the Radical Middle Way website:

Globalised Before Globalisation