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BOOK: NASIM AL-WASL: The Zephyr of Being There

A new book containing some 300 qasidahs (spiritual odes/poetry) has been released. This is a must have for qasidah lovers everywhere

NASIM AL-WASL: The Zephyr of Being There

Qasida Manual & Audio Library

An exquisitely designed anthology of near 300 spiritual qasidas or odes, this work connects you to a vibrant tradition spanning over a thousand years. Penned by some of the greatest mystics of Islam, like Abu Madyan and Ahmad al-‘Alawi, the poems articulate the spiritual experiences of hearts that have been polished and enlightened by the remembrance of God. Continue reading BOOK: NASIM AL-WASL: The Zephyr of Being There

Book: The Mantle Adorned

The Mantle Adorned is a completely new translation of the Burda (‘Mantle Poem’) of Imam Sharaf al-Din al-Busiri (d.1297). Abdal Hakim Murad has consulted the classical commentaries to produce this clear and careful English version.

Abdal Hakim Murad has added to each verse a further verse of poetry by another poet, which expresses a similar sentiment of love for the Blessed Prophet. The book therefore serves as the best collection currently available in English of poems in praise of the Seal of the Messengers, may Allah bless him and give him peace. Poets represented include Rumi, Attar, Ibn Hazm, Nanotvi, Yahya Parkinson, Rilke, and many more.

For further details see http://www.mantleadorned.com