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Chickens! – update

We just ordered an Eglu Go with three chickens from Omlet, we’ll receive the order on Monday 15th Feb (insha’Allah):

[Image from omlet.co.uk]

We’ve been thinking about having some egg laying chickens for a while now and decided to take the plunge. The Omlet Eglu range seems easy to maintain and look after and we’ll get on average 18-20 fresh eggs per week from organic, free range chickens. Chicken droppings will also be a great addition for our composter!

The cost was £295 for the Eglu and run, £11 each for the chickens (£33) and a couple of bags of chicken feed for £40.

Omlet deliver, set up and give you a quick tutorial on keeping chickens as part of their service.

Will report again once we receive the order.