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Schism, sects and Islam.

I wrote this in response to someone’s Facebook wall post that said:

“‘I’m NOT a Shi’ite, I’m NOT a Sufi, I’m NOT a Ahmedi, I’m NOT a Shafi-ee, I’m NOT a Hanbali, I’m NOT a Hanafi or I’m NOT a Maliki. I AM WHAT THE QUR’AN ASKED ME TO BE!.”‘

My response turned out longer than expected, and probably even longer if I spent more time writing it….

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Do you know anyone who fought in WWII?

as-salamu ‘alaykum,

Lion TV wants to speak to Muslim World War 2 veterans who served under the British/Indian Army for a television documentary.

We are keen to broadcast personal testimonies of these often forgotten fighters who were essential in fighting the Axis Powers and winning the war.

If you or any of your friends or family served during this time or you served with Muslim soldiers, please contact Tom Williams on 0208 846 2068 or tom.williams@liontv.co.uk