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There is no deen in English?

At a recent Friday prayer I  heard a khateeb make these two points in the Urdu bayan (sermon) before the khutba…

  1. There is no deen [Islam] in English, only Arabic and Urdu
  2. We don’t know who writes the books in English

Any UK imam who thinks that parents must teach their kids Punjabi or Urdu in order for them to learn the religion has totally misunderstood the time and place in which he lives. It must asked of Continue reading There is no deen in English?

Photo: Masjid Quba, Medina.

The Quba Mosque, Medina, Saudi Arabia

This was a photo I took when I was in Medina back in 2007 when I first went on Hajj.

Non-Muslim Visitors to the Mosque

Today, as I was popping over to my parents’ house (which is situated very near our local mosque), I noticed a group of people, obviously non-Muslim taking photos one after another with the mosque in the background. It seemed that they were very interested to find a mosque in a small town in Buckinghamshire. I decided to park up my car and offer some information about the mosque and thought it would be a good idea (and good da’wah) to offer to take them inside. I asked them if they wanted to look inside and I was met with blank stares, turns out that these people were Slovak tourists who spoke very little English. I eventually made myself understood and excitedly,they, with their cameras at the ready, followed me.

It was about 10:30 am so there was a good chance that the Mosque was locked but as it happens it was open. I asked them to remove their shoes and took them into the mosque. Whilst our mosque is a nice mosque, generally well kept, it is not breathtaking in its decor but these people were genuinely excited at being inside a mosque. Our main prayer hall is quite beautiful with a high ceiling and some very elegant calligraphy adorning the walls and dome and this they found very captivating and took lots of photographs.

It was quick 5 minute visit that left a good impression on them, even though they couldn’t speak English they appreciated the fact that someone took the time out and offered them a closer look at something they wouldn’t have ordinarily visited. They even insisted that I be in a group photo with them! Our mosques should be more welcoming to visitors and we should encourage people to visit us.