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Testimonials from Mihrabi customers

Buying direct from a rug maker isn’t always an option, thankfully Mihrabi aren’t too far off with a good selection of traditional rugs. A pleasure to do business with. Certainly my wife was very pleased with the quality of her prayer rug.
Fahad Shaikh, Glasgow

Despite this particular item being at the budget end for this type of rug, I am pleasantly surprised with the thickness, size and sheer weight.

No doubt my family, friends and colleagues (including non-Muslim) will see and handle the rug during visits and I’m certain that they too will be impressed. It is not easy to gauge the true quality from the pictures on your site. Once again, thanks.
A. R. Abeed, UK Continue reading Testimonials from Mihrabi customers

Mihrabi Prayer Rugs new stock just in!

as-salamu ‘alaykum,

Mihrabi Handmade Prayer Rugs

Just to let you all know that another batch of handmade prayer rugs is just in at mihrabi.com, there is a wide selection, something to suit everyone insha’Allah. Check it out at Mihrabi Handmade Prayer Rugs



Mihrabi Rugs – Three to choose from!

as-salamu ‘alaykum,

Over at Mihrabi Prayer rugs there are just three prayer rugs left to choose from all prices include postage and packaging (UK only)!

ITEM NUMBER: prug_007
DESCRIPTION: Very subtle colours, blues, reds and camel. Mosque and minaret design.
SIZE: 35″ x 58″

Price: ?120.00

ITEM NUMBER: prug_008
DESCRIPTION: Classic “Mecca and Medina” style mihrab.
SIZE: 34.5″ x 58″

Price: was ?120.00 now ?100

ITEM NUMBER: prug_001
DESCRIPTION: Barjesta, prayer mat (similar to Turkish kilims), has slight imperfection.
SIZE: 34″ x 58″

PRICE: reduced from ?60.00 to ?50.00

Visit mihrabi.com!

Some comments from our customers:

  • Masha’Allah I am delighted with my rugs; may Allah reward you for supplying them, they are so beautiful. ” Umm Suhaib, Cairo.
  • “Just wanted to write and say I am very impressed with the quality of the rug. I recieved it very promptly and I love the natural colours! I shall be recommending you to friends and family. Thank you.” Tokeer Tufail, Peterborough.
  • “The rug is a pleasure to look at. I was amazed by the size. It is more than what I expected. It will take some time to get used to praying on it because it is so rich. I am amazed at the workmanship. It looks like it will last me a lifetime and I hope it will somehow improve my salah as well!” Aisha Barkatullah, Cambridge.