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Coke and Pepsi Use Pork Extract?

I received some Muslim SPAM today about how Coke and Pepsi have “Pork (PIG) extracts” the message goes on to say:

“The scientific and medical research says that drinking Pepsi & Cola leads to cancer because the key element is taken from Pigs sausage.”

LOL, I love it when they say “scientific and medical research says…” and then not give you any reference for it. Even funnier is the “fact” that “the key element is taken from Pigs sausage.” [sic] LOL “from Pigs sausage” how ludicrous is that? I mean, the only way to get this mysterious “extract”, it seems, is for Coke and Pepsi to manufacture sausages for the sole purpose of putting “Pigs sausage” “extract” into their drinks!

Are Muslims this stupid and gullible now? Come on people use some intelligence and common sense, two big corporations that have massive markets in the Middle-East and Asia will not put “Pigs sausage extract” in their drinks and they are certainly not going to manufacture pork sausages for this purpose!

Oh yeah, whenever you get this type of email DO NOT FORWARD IT without a little research to authenticate it in the first place. DO HOWEVER, reply to the person who sent it to you and tell them to stop forwarding stuff like this uncritically.

If someone is inclined to contact both Coke and Pepsi on this issue please do so and let me know what they say.

UPDATE: Letter from McDonald’s about UK French Fries

I emailed McDonald’s in the UK last week to receive clarity on the issue of their French Fries and got the following response [emphasis mine]:

Dear Mr Khan

Thank you for your recent email regarding our menu items and the food we serve at McDonald’s.

In answer to your specific enquiry, I would like to assure you that the French Fries served here in the UK contain no traces of animal flavourings. McDonald’s French Fries are cooked in a new non- hydrogenated blend of sunflower and rapeseed oil, making them 100 percent vegetarian-friendly. You may also be interested to know that our French Fries are fully approved by the Vegetarian Society.

A full listing of ingredients for all our Menu items is available at www.mcdonalds.co.uk. Please refer to the ‘Eat Smart’ section and follow the links for the ‘Ingredients List’ for further information.

Should you require any further clarification on our menu items or on any other aspect of our business then please do not hesitate to revisit our web site or alternatively telephone us on the number below.


Rhonda Floyd
Internet Response Team

McDonald’s Customer Services Department
11 – 59 High Road
East Finchley
N2 8AW

Tel: 08705 244622
McDonald’s Restaurants Limited registered in England no.1002769. Registered office: 11 – 59 High Road, East Finchley, London N2 8AW. Tel: 0870 241 3300. This e-mail is confidential and may be read only by the intended recipient. If you are not the intended recipient, please do not forward, copy or take any action based on it and, in addition, please delete this e-mail and inform the sender. We cannot be sure that this e-mail or its attachments are free from viruses. In keeping with good computing practice, please ensure that you take adequate steps to check for any viruses. Before replying or sending any e-mail to us, please consider that the Internet is inherently insecure and is an inappropriate medium for certain kinds of information. We reserve the right to access and read all e-mails and attachments entering or leaving our systems. Any opinions, conclusions and other information in this e-mail that does not relate to the official business of McDonald’s Restaurants Limited is neither given nor endorsed by us.

McDonald’s French Fries Haraam?

This scare does the rounds every now and again:

McDonald’s announced in the 1990s that it changed its frying oil from animal fat to vegetable oil for those who are vegetarian. However, it turned out that this information did not turn out to be completely true French fries are fried slightly in animal fat then frozen and shipped to all the McDonald’s stores for the final frying The following information was announced on the Arabic BBC channel Basically, what they do is they cut the potatoes into slices and then coat them with a thin layer of lard (pig fat) or cow fat so that when it is fried it will crunch. Then these fries are shipped to McDonald’s stores in different parts of the world including India and the Arab countries. McDonald’s apologized to the Indians after receiving complaints, since a good number of Indians do not eat anything that has ingredients derived from animals. And of course no apology has been made to the Arab countries. So in summary, McDonald’s fries is coated with a layer of either cow fat or lard (pig fat which is thicker and cheaper) then shipped to all McDonald’s stores over the world, which is then fried in vegetable fat. Please alert all those you know of this information.

McDonald’s [UK] nutrition guide says:

No flavourings are added to our French Fries apart from a little salt prior to serving. At certain times of he year when there is little naturally occurring sugar in potatoes, a light sugar solution may be used to ensure that our French Fries maintain their characteristic golden colour.


Cooking Oil
The cooking oil used in the restaurants is a nonhydrogenated vegetable oil that is a blend of High Oleic Sunflower Oil, High Oleic Rapeseed Oil and standard Rapeseed Oil. It is used to prepare the following products: Chicken McNuggets?, Chicken Selects?, Chicken Legend?, McChicken? Sandwich, Filet-o-Fish?, Fish Fingers, Spicy Veggie Patty, French Fries, Hash Browns and Apple Pies.


French Fries
Potatoes, Vegetable Oil (Sunflower, Rapeseed, Palm) *.

Whilst there are other reasons why one should avoid McDonald’s, their fries are not haraam. As I said before, misinformation like this can be easily verified by just a little research and common-sense.

Additionally, a friend of mine, Musab Bora, called McDonald’s and here is what he said (quoted from DeenPort):

I just called McDonalds on 020 8 700 7505 and the email given is untrue as it is written. It may have been true in the US many years ago, but in the UK the chap said that the fries are 100% vegetarian in all restaurants, they have a separate fries fryer which is visible from the counter at most stores, and only contains vegetarian fat. No animal fat is on the fries at any stage.

0208 700 7505 if you want check this yourself. Please do not believe emails and websites. Scepticism is a good thing…

Musab Bora