Some information on Neo-Con Stephen Schwartz

Some information on Neo-Con Stephen Schwartz

Stephen Schwartz seems to have

Bill White: Stephen Schwartz And The Wave Of Anti-Saudi Hate: How A One-Time ?Libertarian Socialist? Crossed Over To The Zionist Dark-Side

“But looking into his history ? from his days as a reviled member of San Francisco?s far-left anarchist-punk community, to his conversion to Jewish conservatism in the mid-1980s while working on a CIA-funded report on Grenada, to his sudden reappearance on the modern political scene as a spouter of pro-war anti-Muslim hate ? one can see that Schwartz has always been perceived as a blowhard making any ridiculous statements he thinks will impress his audience, without any real convictions or evidence to back them up.”

Wow that sounds familiar!

and there is more:

“Everything Schwartz writes is always about him, no matter what the ostensible topic. It’s all about who’s a “celebrity” and who’s not”

writes Justin Raimondo from EtherZone in his article entitled “STEPHEN SCHWARTZ LIAR, WACKBALL, CREEP” (DISCLAIMER: I have no opinion as to whether the observations in the title are true or not)

Judging by Mr. Schwartz’s writings against Shaykh Hamza the M.O. (modus operandi – pattern of behaviour) in the quote holds true.


“?remade himself as an ?expert? on the Balkans. He simultaneously transformed his public persona, growing a very long beard, sporting a skull-cap, converting to Islam, and changing his name for the duration of US military action in the Balkans to Suleyman Ahmad Stephen Schwartz. He even relocated to Sarajevo for some sordid reason, no doubt savoring the new lease on life provided by going to a part of the world where few knew him firsthand, or had seen what he is all about.”

History News Analysis:

“My guess is that Steve Schwartz?s days as a paid liar for neo-conservative publications may be drawing to a close. Neo-conservatives have nothing against lying, of course, but a liar no one believes isn?t useful and he will backfire on his employers; he compromises the effectiveness of all the other lies they must tell, and calls attention to the rottenness of their politics.”

It would seem that Mr. Schwartz’s pattern of behaviour hasn’t changed much from he pre-Muslim days.



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