Racist EDL come to Aylesbury

Racist EDL come to Aylesbury

On Saturday 1st May, the EDL – English Defence League – come to protest in Aylesbury against “Shariah Law” and “extremist” Muslims.

What we all know is that the EDL is largely made up of football hooligan thugs who can’t ply their trade at football grounds and have to find alternative sources of entertainment and so “protesting” on a Daily Mail driven agenda seems the easiest thing to do. The EDL are so repugnant that even everyone’s favourite hate-monger Nasty Nick Griffin spoke out against them as being a Zionist backed! Now, I don’t know about you but I just can’t tell the difference between what the EDL stand for and what the BNP stand for?

Here’s a video of the EDL “protest” in Birmingham, you can see from this video that they are extreme far right neo-Nazis, racist to the core, pig ignorant of the issues, unintelligent knuckle draggers.

After watching this video, I can’t imagine anyone with any decency or intelligence would support such a vile bunch of thugs and most decent people of any race would be repulsed by them.

Please note, if you are not from Aylesbury and you intend to come to Aylesbury to counter-demonstrate then the advice from the Aylesbury Muslim community is DO NOT COME! As a community we have decided that we will not be counter-demonstrating, we will allow them to come, spew their bile and leave. We do not want people to be drawn into provocation and violence, which is exactly what these bigots want… they say “Muslims are violent”, they then stir up trouble, it all kicks off and then they say “we came for a peaceful protest and look we told you these moozlims were violent”, what people don’t realise is that some of the EDL will join the counter demonstration and stir things up as agent provocateurs to get a reaction.  Stay at home or go take your family out for the day, DO NOT COME TO AYLESBURY. Please, please, get the word out to Luton, High Wycombe and other areas that surround Aylesbury that WE DO NOT want any outsiders, we want this to be a big anti-climax for the knuckle-draggers. Let us as Muslims, take the Prophetic high ground and conduct ourselves with dignity and honour. This is not to say that we are being cowardly, there is no benefit in counter-demonstrating and the best thing would be to ignore it all, let the dogs have their day. I just hope it all passes without serious incident.

4 thoughts on “Racist EDL come to Aylesbury

  1. May I say that I think it’s a mistake to advise muslims communities not to attend these counter-demonstrations. What the EDL want is to be able to march through the streets spreading hatred against Muslims. Where they have marched un-opposed (or with little opposition) in the past, after their protest they have embarked on anti-muslim pogroms through Asian areas (They did this in Luton and in Stoke earlier this year). Why did they not do this in Bolton or Dudley? Because of the large anti-fascist demonstrations that were present, involving people of all religions and races. Muslims need to be aware of the danger posed by sitting at home with their heads in the sand, this will only give the EDL more confidence and willingness to launch violent attacks against muslims. There is no substitute for a community coming out onto the streets to defend itself.

    1. We have been assured by the police that they will contain the “demonstrators” and they will not be allowed to run through neighbourhoods, Aylesbury is not a big city it is a small market town. There is no defending to do as far as I am concerned, they are barking dogs.

  2. Salaam Mas’ud but having read your blog entry and been @ the Counter demo as well as outside the Masjid today, what you are saying is a pile of crap. I was a steward today and spoke in Vale Park and I highlighted the dangerous agenda that you are espousing. We have to challenge and fight EDL, BNP as well as other sectors of society that are racist and islamphobic. To not to engage is not always a clear choice and yes we need to be careful. But while we prevaricate Muslim & non-Muslim lives will be damaged and lost. To step away is a big mistake. The whole of British society is against us and you want to walk away. To just say they are just dogs and be dismissive of the danger is just crazy and you forget brother these dogs have a dangerous bite…


    Mas’ud says: As far as the town was concerned, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, the fact that the EDL didn’t get what they wanted was a success. We don’t need out of towners who don’t know Aylesbury or its people dictating to us what we should or should not have done. I think Muslims should snap out of the victim mentality “The whole of British society is against us” is a total exaggeration. Yes, elements of Britain maybe, but not the whole society.

  3. Whilst my natural inclination would be to join the UAF conter-demonstration, Masud has a valid point here. As we’ve seen with the Gaza demonstrations last year, the judicial system of this country has decided to teach the moozlims a lesson by handing out punitive sentences on demonstrators committing the smallest infringements – someone got FOUR years in prison for throwing a plastic bottle *towards* the Israeli embassy. Someone else got a couple of years for GOING IN TO a Starbucks. The lesson they want to teach us is that we are not allowed to demonstrate legitimately for any reason, any such activity will not be tolerated.
    The knuckle-draggers of the EDL that were arrested last weekend for violent disorder – what sentences will they get, if any?

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