Qur’an Explorer website

Qur’an Explorer website

Masha’Allah, Qur’an Explorer is a really wonderful tool if you want to brush up on your Qur’an reading. See the Qur’an Explorer website for further details, but in short you can read the Qur’an accompanied by a choice of 6 famous qaris and view highlighted text. There are two types of Arabic fonts, a standard Usmani font and an Indo-Pak font. You also have a choice of reading it with a choice of well known translations or you can switch it off. Many other features are listed on the website. This is really one of those sites that is an essential for every online Muslim.

NOTE: can’t seem to get the fonts working in Firefox, works ok in IE.

If you find this useful, consider donating to the project as well!

2 thoughts on “Qur’an Explorer website

  1. As-salamu ‘alaykum,

    Yes, it’s the best Qur’an search engine out there hands down. I especially like the way you can turn-on/turn-off different translations, and how you can search the Arabic, English and even transliteration as well. Very nice!


  2. From Site:

    Full cross-browser compatibility with FireFox, Mozilla, and Safari will be available soon. Currently the application is best viewed using Internet Explorer.

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