Prayer Rug

Prayer Rug

as-salamu ‘alaykum,

We have a handmade prayer rug that my wife brought from Pakistan. It is similar to the ones I had previously, this one is not as thick as the previous ones. It is an Afghan and I think it is a Balochi rug, size: 66″ [168cm] x 34.5″ [88cm]. It has a pile that is soft to the touch. See pictures below, this one is ?75.00 including P&P (UK only P&P, international will be extra), email me at if interested.

I have one other prayer rug, different in style (Barjista), it doesn’t have a pile and is slightly rough to the touch, but it is a really beautiful piece. Unfortunately it has a slight imperfection and am in two minds about selling it. Will upload some pictures of that one as well, it will be cheaper than this one because of the small imperfection.


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